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2018: Mac v Windows - Acronym Computers UK

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The argument that has lasted through generations of computer users still continues. In fact, the preference of Mac or Windows has to lead to the severed ties and broken friendships, but it’s impossible to settle the debate. This is because each operating system has its pros and cons, so neither can outweigh the other. The least one can do compare the features of both the popular operating systems.


Advantages: Lower Risk of Viruses and Requirement of Maintenance

A common argument made by Mac users is that the Apple-based operating choice is less susceptible to being infected with viruses. Many may consider this to be a myth, but it is in fact, very much true. Although it isn’t immune, it can’t be denied that the risk is considerably less to that of Windows.

This is because there aren’t many viruses for Mac to begin with and as a result, Mac enthusiasts survive without the application of anti-virus protection. Although no one can predict whether this advantage will last in the future, it still matters that this feature is beneficial right now.

Disadvantages: Expensive Components and Hardware

When it comes to limitations of Mac computers, many Windows users argue about the huge price one must pay for repairs and hardware. Although Mac users hold their ground and give the defense of amazing quality and support, it’s important to note that upgrading Mac hardware isn’t easy, or cheap for that matter. On the other hand, if you purchase a cheaper Mac for the sake of performance, you’ll be left with a machine that can’t be upgraded or used for gaming purposes. Users can choose to hack into their computers to perform their tweaks, but they must compromise on compatibility and award-winning support.


Advantages: Wider Range of Software

This is a matter of simple numbers and figures that no one can deny, whether they’re pro-Mac or pro-Windows. The Windows store offers a huge range of applications that number over 50,000 in total. This includes many editions of the same software, games and streaming programs. Man, on the other hand, houses the Mac App Store where you’ll find a limited number of applications. Approximate value is somewhere around 15,000. However, there are still a few loopholes in the argument such as the fact that a single Windows store is shared by computers and hand-held devices such as computers and laptops as well. Meanwhile, Mac users claim support for the principle of quality over quantity.

Disadvantages: Susceptible To Attack by Viruses

A problem widely faced in the age of tech users is the susceptibility of Windows computers to attack by viruses. The low inbuilt protection makes the system weak against viruses while the root of the problem stems from the fact that there are simply more viruses that are created to attack Windows Operating Systems. This leads to the need for a strong and reliable anti-virus application that can keep your computer secure. And of course, a strong and versatile anti-virus system is never cheap, and it is one of the cases where you get what you pay for.

COVID-19 Information: We are currently operating a reduced service. We are providing our usual remote IT support service alongside a collect and return service. We are currently not performing any works in peoples homes or businesses

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