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Why is The Keyboard Not Responding? - Acronym Computers UK

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Despite the popularity of laptops, you’d be surprised how many computer users continue to use a PC desktop. This is why a keyboard not responding is still a widespread problem in the community. While most people may simply consider replacing it, there are many people who have invested a considerable amount of money into a keyboard so this isn’t an option for them. There are a few fixes you can try before settling for repairs or a new keyboard.

First, determine if your keyboard is working on another computer to determine if the problem isn’t with your computer rather than the keyboard. Connect your keyboard to another computer and based on your findings, try the fixes mentioned below.

Crumbs in The Keyboard

It’s very easy for dust particles and crumbs to get stuck under the keys of your laptop, causing it to be unresponsive to keystrokes. A quick fix is to hold it upside down and give the keyboard a good shake to get out the crumbs. If it still doesn’t work, you can use a keyboard vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air to clean out the tight spaces between keys. A full cleaning requires that you clean through individual keys which may be caked up with dirt which is the cause behind them not working.

Reboot Your Computer

If you find that the keyboard is in fact, functioning properly with another computer, the problem may lie in your PC. Rebooting your PC will help reverse the damage by refreshing the system. Any bug that was the cause of your keyboard not responding will be eliminated and it’s possible that it’ll work again. If it doesn’t, then try another method.

Reboot Your Computer Part 2

When an IT expert gives you the advice of “turning it off and on again”, they aren’t kidding. If simply rebooting your PC doesn’t work, you can disconnect the power cord and try again.

Outdated Driver

The issue of a keyboard not responding may lie with a faulty driver that needs to be updated. Driver problems are sometimes the result of downloading too much third-party software and shutting down your computer from the main power button. Navigate to the device manager by searching through the windows key. Look if there’s an exclamation mark near the icon for your keyboard or if there’s no icon at all. This means that you need to install the latest driver for your keyboard. You can do so by visiting the download page for the manufacturing company of your PC.

Attack Of The Virus

If the above-mentioned fixes haven’t solved your problem, then it’s probable that a virus is a cause of your keyboard not responding. Run a scan through your anti-virus software and get rid of any suspicious applications or software. After you’ve done so, check if your keyboard responds to keystrokes.

Defective Keyboard

If cleaning your keyboard doesn’t do the trick of fixing it, then the problem is much deeper. If you’re no hardware expert then leave it to someone who is to diagnose the problem. They can let you know if getting a new one will be cheaper than repairing your old one.

COVID-19 Information: We are currently operating a reduced service. We are providing our usual remote IT support service alongside a collect and return service. We are currently not performing any works in peoples homes or businesses

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