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Bring in your used laptop or tablet to our store in Southsea, Portsmouth. Doesnt matter if it works or not, you can either take cash or trade it for another in-store refurbished laptop. Bring your old laptop or tablet and AC adapter (if you have one) into our shop in Winter Road, Southsea, where one of our representative will be able to give you an on-the-spot trade-in value for cash or exchange (the exchange amount will generally be higher than a cash price).

If you would like to exchange it for another laptop we have in stock, we can transfer all your saved files (music, pictures and documents) from your old computer to your new computer. Do not worry, Its free of charge! Then, all of your personal information will be removed from your old computer’s hard drive.
Please note that we do not offer quotes over the phone. Due to the many variables in assessing the value of your laptop, our technicians will need to physically inspect it – pop into our store today.

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Karen Fisher
Karen Fisher
Got a lovely second hand laptop for my son's Christmas present - great price for the spec and even better with my student discount! With a free brand new case and mouse and a 3 month warranty as standard, I'm very pleased and also confident that should I have any issues they will be resolved quickly. Othman was very friendly and helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Jay Simister
Jay Simister
Same day service, always helpful! Fixed screen that was under warranty! Excellent service! Will use again thanks guys
William Newman
William Newman
My nan (Patricia Bentley) traded in her old laptop with Acronym and purchased a reconditioned laptop which is working perfectly! She is so happy with her laptop and the service she had received. I have also sought advice from Acronym in the past and have never been disappointed. Highly reccomended!
Ray Newell
Ray Newell
Excellent customer service again, could not ask for more. Always learn something new whenever I visit and the staff are happy to teach you. Thank you.
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